In early 2016 I joined Parasail Health as the singular designer and was instrumental in designing and building their first consumer-facing product, and several consumer and healthcare provider facing products after that. While at Parasail I also provided design support for marketing and designed investor facing decks.

I worked primarily within the product team—planning, designing and building our first product from MVP to the current iteration, as well as imagined where the product should be in the future, based on feedback from users. Then marketing took over as we rushed to get our product in the market. To support marketing, I managing contractors including designers and an offsite marketing team, proving art direction for campaign materials as well as ideating and briefing campaigns.

By 2017 the company pivoted, and I was back working heavily on our product as we started down a new path. I also began taking on some product management duties including tracking and reporting, troubleshooting for customers, and working directly with our engineering team to iron out bugs and improve the experience for our customers.


Marketing Website

Provider Intake Tool