The way designs move plays a critical part in the way viewers perceive brands and experiences. It’s critical that designers be able to think in motion as well as prototype interactions.

From logos to websites to apps, I think about the way it will move from the beginning of the design process and use my experience with motion design to create dynamic content that pleases and delights users.

Below are several examples of motion design, motion branding, and prototyped interaction design.

Motion Reel 2015 from Jared Gentz on Vimeo.


AHC Rebrand Reel from jared gentz on Vimeo.

Rebranding the American Heroes Channel, I focused on the network’s dedication to showing actual historical content, when other similar networks have move towards reality TV and non-historical content. The main concept focuses on plastic models being a way of experiencing living history and putting together the pieces of the past, which is in line with the interests of the target demographic of 18-55 y/o males with a strong interest in history. The primary logo is built into a frame which can be expanded easily to hold other content.
Motion design
Sound design

Cinema 4d
After Effects
Premiere Pro

Funerals Application from jared gentz on Vimeo.

I conceived this application shortly after buying my first smartphone. I began to question what situations were appropriate for smartphone use, and how apps being useful tools rather than games or social media can change this. Funerals contains many tools that are useful to attendees at services and helps users do everything they can to be supportive of the bereaved. Funerals helps users easily organize multiple services and everything that goes along with being an attendee such as sending flowers, condolences, writing in the guestbook, or streaming the service if they are unable to attend.
Application Design