Jared Gentz

I’m a designer and a human. A thinker and a maker. I’m a native of Michigan, currently, in Northern California. I studied graphic design before discovering my passion for product design working with startups in San Francisco. I recently returned from a sabbatical where I canoed across the Yukon connecting the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean.

I enjoy approaching complex problems with a fresh set of eyes and new perspectives. I do my best work when I’m allowed to ask “why?” and be curious. I’m inspired by talking with users and hearing their experiences and needs. I find that some of my best work is done when I feel like I’m solving for real people. I’m fueled by the results of good teamwork and collaboration. The people I work with are as important to me as the work I’m doing and I constantly try to learn from those around me as well as push my teams to see things differently, ask more questions and look just a little harder for the best solution.


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