Finexio B2B Payments Dashboard Redesign

Finexio is a Series B company in the b2b payments space. They allow customers to automate payments via any combination of payment methods by uploading a single spreadsheet.

My Role
Finexio brought me on to redesign their customer portal. The portal was an amalgamation of features that had been built and combined with little thought given to the different users that relied on the tool. CFO’s, accounts receivable admin, and internal Finexio users all used the exact same tool. Additionally, there was little to no user data to rely on.

Phase one of the project was to complete user research and start collecting user data within the app. Phase two was to roll out some quick fixes to the app to fix known issues. Phase three was to complete a full redesign of the product.


  • Product Design (contract)
  • Research
  • Product Management


The primary goal of the project was to empower users to be more self-sufficient and reduce support call volume to Finexio.

A secondary goal was to increase the visual appeal of the portal to aid in sales and investor confidence.

03. Research

Before I started working with Finexio, they were tracking within the product using google analytics. Tickets to tag workflows sat for months before being acted on, or never made it to production. They had also done no direct user interviews or testing. The only input they had was through the customer support teams.

I introduced the idea of HEAP which gave the design/product team more control over analytics, without burdening the dev team. I also conducted their first discovery interviews to see firsthand how users interacted with the product

04. User Interviews

Conducted moderated sessions with 15 users from 4 partners to walk through common workflows

Most users never interacted with the dashboard, meaning they skipped the home page of the portal for EVERY workflow

Users who did interact with the dashboard hardly used any other functions in the product

Heard from customers the same frustrations we saw in our analytics – they often hit roadblocks that could only  be solved by contacting CS

04. Concept Development

Based on what I learned in the research phase, I proposed 4 main areas of focus to improve the UX, along with the visual update. Ultimately we moved forward with three, and planned to implement user types in a later phase of work.


04. Testing

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Final Designs